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The Palisadoes, Kingston

The Palisadoes

The Palisadoes, Kingston

The Palisadoes  is a spit (class T – Hypsographic) in Kingston (Kingston-Saint John), Jamaica (North America) with the region font code of Americas/Western Europe…
The timezone in The Palisadoes is America/Jamaica
Sunrise at 06:05 and Sunset at 18:19. It’s light

Latitude. 17.9333333°, Longitude. -76.7666667°

Weather  Report from Kingston / Norman Manley, 3.4km away
Weather :
Temperature: 30°C / 86°F
Wind: 3.5km/h North/Northwest
Cloud: Few at 2200ft

Where to stay?

Jamaica Pegasus Hotel 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston

Courtleigh Hotel And Suites 85 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston
Wyndham Kingston Jamaica 77 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston

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