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Shopping in Falmouth Jamaica

shopping in falmouth jamaicaIn Falmouth Jamaica shopping is not really one of the main focal  points, although you will certainly be able to find excellent Jamaican souvenir and other lovely things to buy. These choices are not limited to hand made crafts, by local villagers which range from paintings of the legend Bob Marley to awesome jewelry made from shells, beeds and unique sculpture attach for pendants which are mostly made from the finest wood such as the Jamaican national tree, lignum vitae a very solid wood that takes time and patient to achieve excellence. You can always expect a bargain from the locals which are overwhelm by visitors almost every day and regular visitors from the cruise port. Some of the most collected items are the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee which can be bought in different forms, one of the finest in the world, Second the Jamaica Rum, which can be buy at any liquor store at airports in the Island, and last but not least a case of Jamaican Hand made cigar, or why not mix it with some Cuban authentic Cuban cigar which are also available in most shops in the tourism areas. Please make shore that you can bring any of these item back to your home country, other wise they will be confiscated at airports. Well known to be confiscated is the Cuban cigar if you are from the USA.

So don’t worry you wont find what you need while shopping in Falmouth Jamaica, there is something for you and yours. and you’ll shore find great gifts to bring back home.

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